#4 SoulSingles Website Review

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SoulSingles Website Review

One of the more promising options for African American dating websites is SoulSingles.com. This dating platform is part of a diverse group of niche dating websites which have been connecting singles since 2001. Soul Singles brings the popular model of connecting users based on interests and personality features together with an interface that is clean and user friendly for singles of all generations. With a low membership cost – including free profile setup – and a wealthy of features, Soul Singles may be the perfect platform to find your next great love.


Soul Singles offers its free and paid members several features to enhance the online dating experience. These are part of helping you find love without limitations. The first thing that is notable is the fact that users can upload up to 20 photographs of themselves. This is far more photos than most other dating sites today. Next, there is both chat messaging and email style messaging available on the site. However, you will need to become a Platinum member to access all of these features. Finally, reverse match is a hot new feature that singles love because it allows them to search for members who have specified that someone like them is who they are looking for. This is beneficial because it helps you connect faster with someone who is actually looking for you but might not have found you yet.


The first thing that you will notice about Soul Singles is the extensive layout of a user profile. The entire setup process takes approximately 30 minutes, but you can click out of editing your profile any time after you specify the basics about yourself. In the have-it-now world of digital dating, a long profile can seem unappealing to some users. There are a number of benefits to this approach which is why it is the preferred option for larger non-niche dating websites.

As a single individual who is genuinely looking for love in the 21st century, the detailed profile helps you refine your potential love interests. Not only does it reveal a full picture of yourself to other matches, but it also aids the matching algorithm in securing the best matches for you. Match results are based on several different pieces of information including your preferences on children and politics, favorite things, and personality.

All of these factors are part of the profile setup process. As a user, you should plan to take the time to properly fill each section out in order to help you get the best results from your online dating experience. The personality section is not like other sites that have 100+ questions. It has around one dozen questions and prompts you to answer at least five. For each one, you will select the option that best defines different aspects of your personality in the categories of: confidence, sociability, adventurousness, affectionateness, romance, mood, and thought process.

For the favorites, insights, and hobbies categories, users are able to say something about dozens of different topics that may be of interest to them. Once again, this ensures that you are getting the best match results. Lastly, there is the option to fill out some questions in your own words. These questions include things like what your favorite weekend looks like, how you view marriage, and what is the most important life lesson you have learned.

Overall, the user experience couldn’t be simpler or easier. Soul Singles provides the best feature-rich experience for African American singles and those looking for interracial love.


It is 100% free to sign up and establish your profile with Soul Singles. The Platinum membership options offers users access to some of the contact features built into the website. As a Platinum member, you are able to initiate chat, read messages from other users, see that a user has read your message, and send messages to other users. According to Soul Singles data, users with a Platinum membership are 20x more likely to receive communication and find love.

Membership is available for 30 days at a rate of $24.99; 90 days at a rate of $19.99 per month; and 180 days at a rate of $14.99 per month.


If you are looking for the online dating experience that combines all the features of a big, expensive dating site with the benefits of a niche style site targeted at the African American demographic, then look no further than Soul Singles. Signing up for your account is free and allows you to browse singles, see who is online, and so much more.