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Dating outside your race opens up many opportunities to learn more about another culture, and more about yourself. For black women dating white guys, there are challenges and adventures to be held. Beyond the skin colour differences, there are cultural differences that you’re going to encounter with a white guy.

The hair thing

Black women have high maintenance hair. This is hardly a stereotype when it is so plainly true. And men don’t really understand hair, on any coloured woman. So the hair thing is always going to be something black girls have to explain to their ignorant white boy.

Mixed race babies

This is something that is going to be bought up by your friends and family as your relationship continues. Deal with it in whatever way feels comfortable for you and your partner. But since society loves a mixed race baby right now, it’s going to be a hot topic.

Is it an exotic delicacy?

Apparently dating a white guy and having an interracial relationship is an exotic treat these days. Brace yourself for people commenting on the exotic nature of your man.

You’ll be a surprise for his family

Even if he’s told the family that he’s dating a black girl, they are still going to get a shock. They might feel a little uncomfortable with you at first, might not know what to do with you. You’re going to stand out around his white family. But your personality is going to overshadow your skin colour in the end.

People may think you hate your own race

Not dating a black guy means you hate black people, right? Of course not. But society loves a stereotype, ignorant as it may be. Dating a white guy doesn’t mean you hate black guys. It just means you find this particular white guy more attractive.

White guys are a good size too

Black guys may be renowned for having a big D, but you’ll find out that white guys measure up in a sizable way!

You may notice a lack of colour

Your white guy might not have many other black friends. So when you’re hanging out with his mates, you might notice that your black skin is something different. Odds are, his friends will get over it. You’ll get over it. And you’ll all be happy.

Solidarity in numbers

When you and your white guy are walking together, you might happen across other interracial couples. Here you’ll pass a mental hi5 to them, acknowledging that there are other people experiencing the same struggles and stereotypes you are.

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