What Interracial Couples are Sick of Hearing

Posted by ebonydatingsites.com | November 20th, 2016

You’re white and your partner is black. Or you’re white and your partner is Latino. Or your hispanic and your partner is white. Whatever the mix, interracial relationships are a increasing occurrence in society.

They shouldn’t be treated with confusion or ignorance anymore. That kind of behaviour should belong to a time long before 2016. Nonetheless, some elements of society aren’t as developed as these interracial relationships. This means there are certain questions and statements that get said far too often. These are the things that interracial couples are completely sick of hearing.

How will your kids identify

How does any child understand their identity in today’s crazy world? In a world so caught up in labelling and naming race and ethnicity, it is overlooked that love and support is more important for a child to development.

Did you meet online?

Because apparently interracial relationships can’t start organically. You know, it is possible to meet a black guy at a bar, just like anyone else. It just means that you were more open minded about talking to someone of colour and taking the chance to start something.

Aren’t you worried about racial stereotypes?

Here most people in an interracial relationship are more worried about societal ignorance. Stereotypes about race are most likely misplaced and offensive. Not all black guys will end up in jail, not all Japanese men are workaholics, not all Arabic men are pigs to women. Stereotypes are more often than not misinformed.

Who do you think your children will look like?

If this topic is even on the cards, it’s not one you can answer. Yes, you’re going to have mixed race babies. Yes, they are going to have features from both your ethnic backgrounds. It’s no more of a big deal than a white guy with brown eyes having a baby with a white girl with blue eyes. Babies take characteristics from both parents. You can’t predict who they’ll look like, and it doesn’t really matter.

What language will the kids speak?

The best part of an interracial relationship is the exposure to multiple languages and a unique culture. The kids are going to be lucky to be raised bilingual and have the chance to learn more languages. In today’s global society, this is an absolute blessing.

Were your parents mad?

Are parents ever happy about who you’re dating? So what if they think your new coloured partner isn’t up to scratch. It always takes time to win the approval of parents. No doubt once your parents see the happiness in this interracial coupling, they’re going to see past the colour of skin or the shape of eyes. Love is blind and it is helping society to be blind and more accepting. Your part of this change, and your parents’ acceptable is part of this change as well. And let’s be real, if you always cared about what your parents thought, life would be pretty boring!

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