Texting Tips for Those White Men Dating Black Women

Posted by ebonydatingsites.com | Decmeber 10th, 2016

Of late, the number of black dating websites that support and promote interracial dating has gone up. The relationships are built either through face-to-face interaction or over the Internet.

Texting and chatting are one of the most common means of staying in touch and making the other person feel valued and wanted. For men who prefer this mode, here are a few tips on how to go about it:

Initiate the chat with a compliment

Everybody likes compliments ladies are prone to compliments and immune to nothing. Well, as a guy who prefers texting ladies, I do suggest you use as many positive adjectives as possible for the lady. I am sure she will fall weak to her knees. In case the black woman you are chatting with is already your love, do not forget to make her feel loved by infusing ‘I love you’ texts now and then.

Indulge the woman in the conversation

Make sure that the lady also participates in the discussion. It will be of no use if the conversation is one-sided and the woman does not feel involved. You need to indulge her, make her wanted even through text messages and note which types of words excite her the most.

Keep in mind that the black woman you are texting shouldn’t be offended by any of the statements that you make. Once you both reach the comfort level that is when you have learned about the preferences and likings and then you can judge the kind of statements that can be made by you.

Take it easy

If she stops replying your texts all of a sudden, do not bombard her with more text messages. Keep your cool. She might just be tied up. We all have the world aside texting so do not overreact and go demanding an explanation why she's not returning your messages. And two or three subsequent texts are enough. If she doesn't reply, leave it be. Give her time she could as well just be playing hard to get! Women do that all the time.

Have fun

Texting is fun and not meant to be stressful. You don't need to make eye contact or dress-up, and you can carefully select your words and even practice them before sending the message. Let the words flow. Do not strain it. Engage in an animated conversation. It's supposed to be natural and enjoyable.

Leave a mark

If you like the black woman and want her to be interested in you, you need to excite her. For example, when chatting, try to sound intelligent and be concerned as well. Ask her about her day and other aspects such her pet. It will surprise you how such small talk can get her hooked. Let her know that you care and keep the conversation going by involving her. It has all to do with the significance that you give her, and that comes from accepting the fact that she holds importance in your life.