How to survive your first mini break as an interracial couple

Posted by | March 28th, 2019

The word "mini break" can fill most interracial couples with dread or delight. It is important to spend as much time together as a couple for the relationship to grow and a mini break is always perfect especially if everything goes to plan without a hitch. Going away for a few days or a weekend abroad as a couple for the first time is a very big deal. You are in each other space the entire time and there is nowhere to hide. For anyone feeling anxious, here are a few interracial dating tips to will make your first mini break as an interracial couple a walk in the park.

I. Go somewhere different

If you have been to Paris before and know the city very well, take your partner to a different city you have never been before like Rome, Madrid, Athens or Barcelona and create fresh memories. Always avoid taking your new partner to places you and your ex have been before because it re opens old wounds and instead of having a romantic time, you start feeling uncomfortable. You can never go wrong if you pick a location that is appealing to both you and your partner.

II. Stay clear of early starts

Cheap flights to popular destinations like Barcelona and Rome for example take off really early. It can be as early as 6:30am depending on where you live and what you have to ask yourselves as a couple is do you really need an early start to your mini break when you are still getting to know each other?. The stress of an early flight is best avoided until the relationship blossoms.

III. Always make a plan

While the idea of going to place where everyone is not familiar with sounds good in theory, in reality it can be a nightmare if there was no proper planning process behind it. The whole interracial dating trip does not have to planned out to the last detail, that can also bring tension before the mini break even starts however, it is advised to sit down as a couple and figure out the top 5 or 6 things to do at the destination you are going so that you don't miss out on anything.

IV. Don't forget to have a map

To ensure you make the most of your mini break and not get lost in the process which can lead to arguments, a map is a good investment. A map seems like just a piece of paper but it does help couples on a mini break to all the attractions and many things you don't want to miss out with ease.

V. Purchase a good book

If you are spending a few days or a weekend with someone, it can be pretty intense for some people even if you have known each other for years. The same applies to couples on their first mini break because you are together all the time. Buying a good book helps take the pressure off and provides some alone time if you need it. It can happen that you might not need the book but it is always worth having around in case you need to recharge yourself after a day of sipping cocktails, sightseeing and having fun.

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