INTERRACIAL DATING: How to deal with a boyfriend who has become distant and cold towards you

Posted by |November 7th, 2019

When a person is ignoring you or is becoming distant, it can be a bitter pill to swallow especially if you love them so much. How does one deal with a boyfriend that is cold and distant in an interracial relationship ?

1. Space

Guys sometimes need space if they feel that you are all up in their personal bubble most of the time. They might also become withdrawn or cold if they are afraid of losing their independence or freedom. When you give him the space he needs, you will notice that he will return to his normal self and not be distant or cold towards you anymore.

2. Give him all the love he needs

When he is cold and distant, this is the time that he needs you the most and you have to be there to give them all the love you have for him. Make sure you follow the point above while also giving him the space to get himself together.

3. Make sure you are happy

The last thing you want to do is trick him into talking or telling what is bothering him. Be mature and stay away from any mind games. Be yourself and act naturally like everything is rosy. Don't let him get any ideas or hints that you are worried for him. Just focus on your own happiness and seeing you happy and less concerned will make him snap back to reality.

4. Tell him that you trust him and believe in him

Someone when we are at our lowest, all we need is a cheerleader, someone to tell us that we will overcome our obstacles and emerge victoriously. This is what you have to do for him when you notice that he is cold and distant towards you. Boost his confidence and tell him he is the best man in the world.

5. Be calm, cool and collected in his presence

When you see that he has gone to a different room and left you all alone, be calm, cool and collected about it. Don't cause a scene by shouting or taking slight digs at him. Give him some positive energy and he will return to you feeling happy and smiling from ear to ear.

6. Organize some alone time with him

If there are any distractions, make sure you get rid of them to create a positive environment where he will feel comfortable opening up to you. Try this, you never know, he might just open up and tell you what is on his mind. Don't make him feel like he is alone in his battles or struggles, remind him that you are with him and he will appreciate that. He will not need anyone telling him that his actions are bothering you so much.

We wish the above interracial dating tips are helpful for you.

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