4 Tips to Make a Black-White Relationship Work

Posted by ebonydatingsites.com | September 20th, 2017

Whitewomen date black men and black women date white men. It happens, and it can be a very happy and long-lasting relationship. However, if you are considering the pursuit of an interracial dating experience, it is important to be prepared for all that comes with it.

1. Understand that Racism Exists

If you are going to be crossing racial lines to date, it is important to recognize that those lines exist. Efforts are in progress to change those racial tensions and help people realize that skin color is nothing to focus on, or at least not any more than eye color or hair color. For now, though, you are going to be doing your part to address racism. It will be worse in some situations and better in others. Understand that going in and you will be more likely to handle it productively when you encounter it.

2. Ignorance Will Happen; Plan for It

Strangers on the street, co-workers, close friends and even family members are going to show a surprising aversion to your relationship when one of you happens to have a different skin color. This is a battle that is fought anywhere and at any given time.

It is important to recognize that someone is going to act in an ignorant manner about your interracial relationship. Be ready with what you will say and practice being calm. It is important not to let your emotions cloud your judgment in these situations. It can make the difference in teaching someone and in causing a bigger divide between this uneducated person and the race they have a problem with in person.

3. Be Prepared to Fight for Your Children

It is a known fact that people who are mixed race have a hard time in life. They aren't treated fairly as they grow up. It is up to you to fight for them. Make sure they get equal treatment with children who are one race or another. Keep the people around them aware of their need to be accepted for who they are. Be positive and show them that the world has as much love and as many open-minded people as it does close-minded and ignorant people who want the races kept separate.

4. Recognize and Address Your Own Fears

Even if you are actively trying to cross the racial divide to find love, it can be scary to date someone who is black. If you are white and trying to make a relationship work with a black person, it is important to recognize your own fears and misconceptions. Only when you have recognized any racial issues you have from growing up can you start changing the perception of those who will disapprove of your relationship.

Finally, it is important to see the good in the person you are dating as a norm in their race. Don't think that you found a good individual and that those men or women are rare in the black community. Make sure you see that their race is full of both good and bad, just like your own race is.

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