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Are you a white man who secretly wants to date black women? Do you find it hard to approach them? Honestly, approaching black women is just about the same as approaching any woman out there. However, there are certain key issues affecting the way white men view interracial dating.

One of the reasons white men are wary about the thought of approaching black women can be linked back to the stereotypes. Unfortunately, these stereotypes were wide-spread by the media. Also, white men often focus on the worst case scenario. This mindset is inspired by the fear of the unknown. Some common phrases include: what if she laughs at me, what if she says no, what if she doesn't have this thing for white men, what if she's got a boyfriend, what if she only loves black guys … and the list goes on.

Here are 3 tested and trusted tips for white men who are interested in dating black women. They are the basis you need to know to win this interracial dating game. We will also cover some common mistakes white men make when they are trying to attract black women.

She Wants To Be Sure You Can Adapt

Most black women who come from black communities understand that only a few of her family members and friends may readily accept you when she first tells them about your biracial relationship. That's a harsh reality you have to live with. Luckily, this is just a temporary reality; people won't remember your race as soon as they get to know you and see how well you treat her. That's why she wants to be confident that you will never make her look bad. For instance, if she knows her siblings may make fun of you, she wants to be sure that you could take a joke. It may be difficult for you at first, but her family will more readily accept you if you remain respectful even they're doubtful of you.

Don't Make a Big Deal Out of the Racial Difference

This may sound simple but ignoring it may affect her self-confidence. If you give her the impression that you're extremely focused on the fact that she's black you may not get very far. In the end, she is just a woman like any other. In the same vein, never make or discuss racist jokes - it may evoke negativity. Instead, focus on knowing her as a person and with time she'll open up to you. Black women, like all other women, are more than their skin color and their culture.

Compliment Her Hair!

If there is one thing black women adore, it's their hair. She most likely spends a lot of her time and money maintaining her hair, so feel free to let her know how much you love it. Also, don't ask her if it's a natural hair! Black women change their hair every week in many cases. This isn't something you should make a big deal out of- just compliment the variety. Some women may feel uncomfortable with you touching their hair. This isn't about you; she may just be the self-conscious type.

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