Looking for a Hot Date in Sydney? Not so Fast…

Posted by ebonydatingsites.com |April 28th, 2019

Everyone knows that Sydney has game. It's a metropolitan city with interracial dating, dazzling nightclubs, fabulous entertainment venues and a boisterous youth population that seriously likes to party.

Selective Dating

Going after a Sydney woman means joining a serious amount of competition, especially if you like your women light-skinned and cuddly. Tall, blonde and vain represents the popular crowd, with lessening degrees of bratty behavior filtering down until it reaches plain Mary Ellen of the frenzied dishwater hair, with one hand dangling in the dating pool and the other still clinging to the hope of making prom queen.

You may wish to try broadening your playing field, especially if this is your first time in Sydney. None of the ploys you used in San Francisco to turn a negative into a positive are going to work here, so your best bet is to simply watch and learn.

Fitness 101

Your first hurdle is with Sydney men. Young single local women don't go to the pubs alone. They are either surrounded by their girl-friends, their male friends, whom they refer to as mates; or both. From the safety of her guard's people, she might flirt with you, but if she receives even an inkling that your main focus is to get her into bed, you're doomed.

Her guard detail is formidable. Sydney men are notoriously health conscious. Her mates may be guys she's known for years (and still haven't gotten past first base, or if they did, they're not telling) but their six-packs are stacked in better than the bartender's. If the most physical thing you've ever done is play an interactive game, you might be in big trouble when trying to land a date.

Macho Doesn't Work

If all this talk about physical dimensions is pumping you up to barbell work-out's, you still have to keep one thing in mind. Sydney women may like their men physically fit, but they aren't impressed with macho exhibits. Huffing and puffing in front of her guard detail, picking a fight or establishing alpha male dominance by other means simply won't work. Talk with her team members, one on one, and eventually you might get the chance to talk with her.

Sydney is Expensive

If you're going to spend any time at all in Sydney, be prepared to spend a lot of money. Hotels are expensive. Restaurants are expensive. Low-cost club entry fees start at forty dollars and run much higher for more exclusive venues. A single drink will run you between ten to twenty dollars. If you're out late, there is no public transportation. A twenty- minute cab will set you back another sixty dollars.

Sydney is not the best place in the world for an easy pick-up, but it is a good place for interracial dating in Australia, as Sydney women are equally hard to get regardless of your race or status. Sydney is a city that receives millions of visitors each year. Tourists are transient. Sydney women see no reason to date men who simply want another notch to add to their gun handle. If you wish to date a Sydney woman, it's going to take a lot of time and effort. You are going to have to become a part of her local community. You are going to have to share something of yourself before she decides she likes you, and you'll have to be sincere. Her radar is exceptional, and she'll know if you're simply putting on a new game.

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